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As the world becomes a global village, coming years will bring important changes in American and the rest of the world economy. In response to these developments, US Petrochemical has formulated new strategies emphasizing provision of high value added services utilizing today's leading edge technology, strengthening marketing capabilities on a global basis, and expanding the scope and services offered by the group of companies consolidated within US Petrochemical. US Petrochemical was started in 1987 as a supplier of raw material for adhesive manufacturers. Today the company is a leading supplier of raw materials to key fortune 500 companies in North America and leading manufacturers in Latin America, Asia, Europe and Africa. The company operates in market niches, which provide it with a competitive edge in those markets.

US Petrochemicalís strengths lie in sourcing, marketing, distribution and the logistics of moving products on a global basis. US Petrochemicalís goal is to be the number one marketing channel for top global manufacturers and the top source of raw material for our worldwide customers.


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